Preserving Nature. 
Empowering Communities.

K3C Earth is a startup that promotes the preservation of Central Africa's climate and ecosystems. We ensure the uniqueness and transparency of carbon credits, facilitate access to the carbon credit market, and provide green financing for local and indigenous people.

Our Services

Sustainable Economy Promotion

We promote behavior change towards a sustainable economy within locals communities, fostering long-term environmental and economic benefits.

Forest Guardian Compensation

We facilitate financial compensation for forest guardians, including local and indigenous populations, farmers, and community development initiatives.

Carbon Credits

We quantify, certify and sell carbon credits from NbS projects, guaranteeing their uniqueness and transparency through rigorous verification processes integrating blockchain and digital MRV.

Our Projects

Our Blockchain Platform


The platform is accessible to everyone via the Internet. This democratizes the market for carbon and biodiversity credits.

Decentralized trading

Allows users to buy and sell carbon and biodiversity credits directly on the platform.

Economic opportunities

K3C-Earth's platform creates new economic opportunities for project developers, offsetters and other market players.


The K3C-Earth blockchain platform enables users to track carbon and biodiversity credits throughout their lifecycle, from emission to offsetting.


The blockchain platform enables transactions to be processed quickly and efficiently. This reduces the costs and delays associated with transactions.


Blockchain is a immutable technology and secure. This ensures that data is protected against fraud and manipulation.

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